Brig Agency practices AI-friendly SEO.

AI-friendly SEO

We’ve heard a great deal about artificial intelligence (AI) and its seemingly other-wordly advantages to come, but do we truly know what it is and how it will fundamentally transform the SEO industry? 

Brig Agency understands the enormous potential of AI and the hazards that await for marketers that are unprepared for the rapid changes to come from the development of the technology. We are embracing and using AI to lead the SEO industry while giving clients the safety and benefits that await as a result.

Potential Dangers of AI to Digital Marketers

In the near-future, major businesses might see a sudden drop in search engine visibility, traffic, and conversion rates. Potentially, this drop will be due not to the usual algorithmic update but rather due to integration of more advanced AI. Simply put, more advanced AI may detect flaws in our optimization techniques that current algorithms cannot. Avoiding this potentially unpleasant situation is why it is better to act now and adapt to emerging technologies rather than regret what may come. 

Day by day, with their integration of AI and machine learning (ML), Google and other search engines are getting better at figuring out how to determine the value and relevance of web pages for particular searches. The integration of AI will enable search engines to give better search results to fulfill the needs of users. SEO agencies not taking AI into account will soon falter.

Ultimately, if your website fails to provide its visitors with value and relevant content, you will have a hard time achieving a high ranking as the machines recognize your lack of value and relevance. 

What Are Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

Before we dive in, it would be wise to understand both AI and ML. Below is a brief overview of both.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is the intelligence demonstrated by machines given a certain set of instructions, rather than the common functions performed by an ordinary computer. The term “artificial intelligence” was coined by the late Stanford University computer scientist John McCarthy. Colloquially, the term is used to describe computers that mimic basic functions that are associated with human minds such as learning, decision making, and problem-solving. 

Machine Learning (ML)

Machine Learning (ML) is the study of intelligent algorithms that computers use by drawing their own inferences according to statistical data, rather than relying on explicit programs to perform functions. ML is a subset of AI.

Basically, ML is a program that allows a computer to perform tasks without explicit instructions according to data it obtains. It means the program learns on its own, similar to humans.

How Are AI and ML Changing the Role of SEO?

As a Naples marketing agency, our obligation is to ensure that we provide content that is important and helpful to those searching for keywords for which we seek to rank. The search engines aim to connect their users to relevant and engaging content. In this way, creating content around quality and value is the perfect approach towards AI-integrated SEO. 

The role of the SEO agency will predictably evolve from being a search engine optimizer focusing on quantitative criteria such as the number of backlinks and the raw scores of a website to a content optimiser and provider. SEO agencies must anticipate this change by focusing more creating superior content and streamlining the user’s journey and experience while visiting websites. 

Currently, far too many SEO agencies focus on link-building and various other short-term tactics rather than content quality. This is why their clients will likely struggle after the continued integration of AI. Here are some of the problems with their content:

  • They do not write about what’s relevant
  • They usually can’t figure out trending topics 
  • They do not have an effective user feedback framework thus not knowing what users want
  • They do not want to invest adequate resources in developing quality content

Now is the time that SEO professionals should be AI-friendly, and should anticipate rather than react to the coming changes. Digital marketers must use a combination of a scientific method, social awareness, and valuable content to engage users. These are traits that will keep us ahead of the curve.

From the inception of the internet, AI has played a central role in providing users with relevant search results. Over time, the algorithms have gotten more sophisticated. However, despite the advancement of these algorithms, the primary aim of search engines has remained to give users the best-quality results.

It is a truism that the universe is in flux. Change is inevitable, and search engines are not only changing but doing so at an exponential rate while transforming many practices of SEO, even the basic strategies now taken for granted. 

SEO is swiftly evolving with advances in AI and ML. All of these advancements are aiming at providing users with important and quality content. SEO agencies must therefore adapt and help AI algorithms, perhaps fast-approaching something approximating consciousness, connect users with quality content. 

Preparing for the Future of SEO

SEO professionals must be prepared for what’s to come. We must not limit our SEO strategies and framework based on current technologies that are rapidly approaching obsolescence. Instead, we must concentrate on outlasting these changes and short-sighted competitors.

Now is the time for introspection and asking yourself a very important question: are you ready to embrace the coming change or will you stay in your comfort zone and be lost in the sands of time? 

Brig Agency is here to stay. We are focused on the long game.