Naples marketing company Brig Agency offers premium reputation management.

Premium Reputation Management

Reputation management is an aspect of your business that reveals what people think of your enterprise and how they view your brand. Reputation management will help you to control how your business is perceived. Also, it will help you to manage and resolve negative feedback online that can affect the reputation of your business or brand.

Our aim is to educate start-ups and growing companies on how to build a strong online reputation as well as to understand the importance of a quality reputation. There are three basic categories of reputation management for brands and businesses that we will highlight.

1. The first category is building a reputation. This category describes an emerging or startup business that is working towards building a good reputation. This is a critical stage, as building a good reputation is more difficult than maintaining it. 

2. The second category is maintaining a reputation. This category is for busineses or brands that have cultivated a positive reputation and are trying to keep their reputation positive. Getting to the top is not as easy as remaining in the lead. Businesses in this category must preserve their reputation and all of the work they have put into defining themselves for the public.

3. The third category is recovering from a bad reputation. This is the category into which businesses with bad press or reviews fall. With reputation management, and a change in your practices if necessary, you can get your business back on track to be viewed more positively. Recovering from a bad reputation is the most challenging of the categories, though not impossible. Hence, with reputation management prevention is key. 

Building a good reputation will bring you more business and improve conversions. In our hyper-competitive business world, consumers have many choices available to them, and a good reputation makes it easier for them to decide to do business with you. Below are several ways to develop and manage a good reputation.

1. Create a blog. This is an avenue to establish and control a good reputation. When creating a blog that is continuously updated to provide accurate news and information about your business, this will promote awareness about your business and allow you to drive down negative information about it in the search engines.

2. Participate in social media. People often check for a social media presence to determine the legitimacy of a website or business. A business that continually updates its social media and interacts with the public will generally be regarded more highly than those that do not. There is an investment in time when participating in social media. Also, social media provides ample opportunities to present your business or brand in a positive light. Great websites for building a social media presence include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and YouTube.

3. Allow customers to provide reviews. Allowing customers to provide reviews, particularly on social media, will build trust with the public. When potential customers see positive review about your business, it will encourage them to do business with you. It is human nature to fear the unknown, and potential customers rightly have a fear that a business with no reviews or bad reviews will cause them to lose money and time. If customers provide bad reviews, it is important to engage and rebut them when necessary to show the readers that you care about the concerns of your customers and the reputation of your business. 

 4. Issue a press release. A well-written press release distributed by a prominent media organization will give your business added credibility. Press releases are particularly effective if you have important news to share with the public, such as having a new product or service, a new partnership, a merger or acquisition, new management, or some other newsworthy achievement. A good press release from a trusted website can also help to push down negative information in the search engines. 

To take your business to the next level, you need to work on crafting its reputation. While there are steps you can take on your own, hiring professionals with experience in building a reputation or recovering from a bad one can be of great benefit. Brig Agency is a Naples marketing agency that specializes in this area and has developed a scientific methodology for helping businesses that have been hit with bad reviews, negative press coverage, or legal woes to rebuild their reputation. We operate with strict confidentiality and will not judge you no matter how bad your image is. We also use white hat techniques for reputation management. 

An advantage that SEO professionals have when it comes to reputation management is the specific skill of putting positive information about your business higher and negative information lower in the search engine results. The public generally will pay more attention to the results that rank the highest. In a worst-case scenario in which negative results cannot be pushed down due to being on very authoritative websites, we can strategically place positive information or information that counters the negative information near the negative results. 

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