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Brig Agency of Naples offers white hat SEO services.

Brig Agency offers professional white hat search engine optimization (SEO) services for businesses of all industries, whether they are local, national, or international. We apply a scientific approach that is AI-friendly to ensure our clients sail through all search engine algorithm updates with success. As part of our professional SEO services, we have several phases to bring the best results for our clients.

Onsite SEO

The first step for implementing an SEO strategy is onsite SEO. We will conduct thorough keyword research to find competitive keywords for which to rank. We will also make sure the copy of the website and the internal linking are optimal according to these keywords. Additionally, it is important for the website to have proper meta tags such as page titles, page descriptions, and alt text in images. We want proper heading on the pages as well. 

Other important aspects of onsite SEO are page loading speed, mobie-friendliness, and having SSL encryption. Because page loading speed is a ranking factor, it may be beneficial to set up website caching and to compress images to improve page speed. SSL encryption, also known as the green padlock, is now a standard security protocol that Google openly acknowledges to boost website ranking.

Competitor Analysis

We will analyze competitors to determine the level of difficulty to outrank them. Related to our keyword research, we will also find which keywords competitors are ranking for. The level of the difficulty of the keywords will determine the length of time and the amount of work or effort needed to outrank competitors.

A key component of competitor analysis is determining if a business can obtain backlinks from websites competitors are using. By getting backlinks from websites competitors are using, the advantage competitors have in their backlink profile will diminish.

Local Citations

Local citations are a critical though often underappreciated aspect of SEO. Examples of local citations include Yelp, Manta, Yellow Pages, and Chamber of Commerce. Oftentimes packages are sold online by services to handle this potentially time-consuming process. We offer packages in which we list websites with the most popular local citations websites, and we make sure the listings are optimized with photos and social media profiles.

Local citations, especially from reputable, authoritative websites like those above, are a great way to boost the trustworthiness of your website in the eyes of the search engines. One important reason why they are great for building trust is that it ties a name, phone number, and physical address to your website. By their very nature, spammers do not wish to be identified with their real-world identity. They are also great if you are trying to rank locally, since they show the search engines that you are a real business in your local area.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is a great way to build up the metrics – including trust and authority – of a website. However, it is important that websites you obtain guest posts for a backlink are trustworthy. It is also very important that the website you obtain a backlink from be relevant to your own for maximum effect. If you obtain backlinks primarily from websites of an unrelated niche, Google may perceive your backlinks as unnature and penalize you.

You can quickly gauge the trustworthiness of websites offering guest posts by finding their metrics from third-party companies, such as domain authority (DA), trust flow (TF) and Alexa ranking. Generally, you want backlinks from websites with a DA of 20 or above and a TF of 15 or above. The Alexa ranking of the website is an indicator, albeit imperfect, of the traffic to the website. If the website obtains a high level of organic traffic, the search engines will see it as a credible source for a backlink. 

For guest posting, it is important to avoid private blog networks (PBNs). PBNs are expired domains with a good backlink-profile that are exploited to create new websites, often of an unrelated subject, to manipulate search rankings. The problem with PBNs is that search engines do not like them as they generally do not have relevant and engaging content and lack organic traffic as a result. 

Spun content is another black hat tactic to avoid. Spun content is usually worthless and unreadable, and its sole purpose is to try to fool the search engine into thinking it is actual content that users find engaging. Because spun content is detrimental to the user experience, it will at best be devalued and at worst invite a search engine penalty. Instead, you should post thoughtful and engaging content when guest blogging to signal to the search engines that your backlink is worthwhile, since they are able to determine the quality of the writing with their algorithms that continually improve.

Brig Agency can help you to find relevant and trustworthy websites for guest posting

Blog Comments and Forum Posts

Blog comments and forum posts are a great way to build up backlinks and trust with the search engines. You will want to avoid spamming blogs and forums, since this is unnecessary and an annoyance to those running these websites. As a general rule, you want to post comments on blogs and posts related to your business. For maximizing the positive effect of blog comments and forum posts, you will want to look at the metrics of these websites and choose those with high metrics for backlinks. 

The higher the DA of the blog or forum, the more likely will your backlink be registered by search engines. Though forum profile backlinks are still sold to naive buyers, they are worthless since they are typically bare, with no contribution to the forum, and therefore are unlikely to be indexed. Profiles with nothing but a backlink are recognized as spam and will totally be devalued by search engines. We can assist you in making high-quality blog comments and forum posts that are likely to be indexed and will contribute to these platforms. 

Social Media Signals

Social media activity, also known as social signals, are a growing factor in determining the trust and rank of websites. Because social media activity can be time-consuming, it is an easy way for the search engines to determine the trustworthiness of a website. Generally, spammers spend most of their time outside of social media because of their terms of service (ToS) and because their backlinks are generally nofollowed. Nofollow is an attribute within HTML telling the search engines to ignore a link in order to deter spamming. 

Though social media backlinks are generally nofollow, they are nonetheless great sources of potential traffic and way to indirectly convey to the search engines that the website being linked to has good intentions. Moreover, because social media is so widely used today, search engines are increasingly looking at social signals for determining the rank of a website for particular keywords. 

We believe, for these and other reasons, that websites should have a social media presence. At a bare minimum, all businesses should have a Facebook page. Our agency can assist your business in building or optimizing its social media presence.

Directories and Social Bookmarks

Directories and social bookmarks are easy ways  to obtain backlinks, but some caution is advised as their ease makes them appealing to spammers. To ensure good standing with search engines, only directories and social bookmarking websites with a high domain authority should be used. As a general rule, you will want to avoid directories and social bookmarking websites with a DA below 30. Niche-relevant directories with a high DA are ideal. Social bookmarking websites such as Reddit, Slashdot, Folkd, and Diigo are excellent for building authority and trust, given that their DAs are high, they are well-established, and they are also considered as social media.

As a white hat digital marketing firm, we can help you to build backlinks on reputable directories and social bookmarking websites.

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