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SEO Article Writing

Ranking well in Google and other search engines requires providing information that users find relevant and engaging. The words relevant and engaging are repeatedly used on this website because they are key factors in obtaining a high rank. If people find your content of high quality, they are more likely to stay on your website to read its content, share its content with others, and revisit the website. The very purpose of search engines is to give users access to websites with the best quality content. 

So how do we provide high-quality SEO article writing content? Well, as a webmaster or writer, you need to provide users with information that gives them insights they lacked before visiting your website. It is important to write about topics of which you are an expert or can provide unique insights. The importance of novelty and expertise are why people should create websites of subjects of which they are passionate. We are way beyond the phase of SEO where simply putting content up sprinkled with keywords will get you to rank. On the other hand, SEO article writing should not be seen as overly complicated and with barriers to entry that make an honest endeavor not worthwhile. Common sense and passion still go a long way in the industry. 

Some Technical Pointers for SEO Article Writing

The same basic principles of SEO article writing apply as have been the norm in the industry for decades. The search engines still take the page and article title, page description, meta tags, and keywords within the copy to determine the relevance of the webpage. As the search engine algorithms have improved over time, over-optimizing is a potential trap for SEO article writing. The problem with over-optimizing is not only that it appears to be a case of overt manipulation, but it also negatively affects the user experience. When people are looking for informative articles online, the last thing they want to see is a website with a keyword excessively posted within the article or website. Putting the user experience first when marketing your website is a key part of white hat SEO.

The metrics of the website as well as of the websites linking to the article also matter. The quality of link neighborhoods is an important factor in SEO, though arguably not talked about as much as it should. Websites with relevant and quality content pointing to the article will provide it with more authority than unrelated websites with poor metrics. As a general rule, relevance will beat metrics, so it is important to understand that metrics are not everything in SEO. Still, metrics are important and often overlooked. 

We also need to look ahead at the trends among search engines to understand what will be most effective in the coming years. The algorithms will get better at determining what has been written by actual people and what has been spun or created using cheap software. As artificial intelligence (AI) keeps advancing, eventually original articles written by software will be indistinguishable from those written by people, but we are still not near this point. Perhaps in future decades most content online will legitimately be written by advanced software. While some industry professionals argue that grammar and spelling do not matter, they are indicators of the level of quality of a website, so these should be as close to perfect as possible. Currently, the search engines can detect the writing level of online content.

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Naples marketing company Brig Agency was founded by a writer with a decade of experience in SEO. We understand that quality content is among the top indicators that search engines are looking for to rank websites. Quality content is also important for building your brand, as the level of communication you demonstrate on your website, blog, and social media will determine how you are perceived by the public. There are fewer things worse for your brand or reputation that basic grammatical and writing mistakes made in public spaces. If you are looking for premium articles to reach the next level, contact us today for a free evaluation.