Brig Agency of Naples practices white hat SEO.

What Is White Hat SEO?

When it comes to ranking your website in the search engines, you want to try your best to get on the first page of Google or Bing. Though there are many different strategies of search engine optimization (SEO) to increase the ranking of your website, we need to distinguish between what is ethical and what is unethical or counterproductive

Here we discuss two types of SEO — white hat SEO and black hat SEO. We will see how white hat SEO is helpful to rank well on search engines and why should we avoid black hat SEO.

White Hat SEO

White hat SEO, as practiced by Naples SEO company Brig Agency, involves strategies and tactics for website optimization that are approved of by search engines. The main goal is to provide the best and most relevant search results to users. Because we are helping search engines to provide users with the most relevant results in an ethical manner, we will not have to worry about getting penalized with any new algorithm changes. The word “relevant” is important as it tends to be a major indicator as to whether content is useful or is spam.

The overarching goal with this strategy is to assist search engines rather than obstruct their purpose. If search engines are providing users with low-quality results, it reflects poorly on them as they are showing inefficiency in sorting the good information from the bad. As the search engine controlling roughly 90 percent of the market, Google intends to keep that lead by preventing spammers from lowering the quality of its search results. Google is thus in a full-on war against spammers, and websites run the risk of becoming collateral damage by associating themselves, wittingly or unwittingly, with spam. With the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) among search engines, you must use an AI-friendly SEO strategy.

Black Hat SEO

Black hat SEO, in contrast to white hat SEO, is the use of tactics that are not approved by search engines, and applying them leads to a loss of rank when detected by their algorithms.

Many black hat methods once worked but are now outdated. Techniques that once worked will now get you penalized, such as keyword stuffing, article spinning, and spamming your link over the internet. Temporarily, your page might show up on the first few search result pages (SERPs) as a result of some black hat tactics, particularly for less competitive keywords, but as users find that the information on your page is not very good or useful, or perhaps as search engines detect spamming with their algorithms, your page will drop down in the rankings or just completely disappear.  

Two major algorithm changes in the last decade used to combat these and other spamming tactics were named “Panda” and “Penguin” by Google. Panda aimed to penalize websites with thin or irrelevant content, and Penguin aimed to penalize websites with low-quality backlinks aimed at artificially increasing a website’s rank.


Google Panda combatted think or irrelevant content.


   Engaging Content Is Key

To provide value related to search terms or keywords, you should create engaging and original content. For example, “best drones 2019” is a search term for which you may be trying to rank your site. To accomplish this, you can create a well-researched SEO article that breaks down the minutiae of what make a good drone. People will thus stay on your site longer and will be able to get more information about this particular topic. As a result, your page will go up in the rankings. Search engines can detect how engaging your content is by recording how long users stay on websites before going back to the search results. With engaging content, the search engines will reward you because you are providing value to their users. 

Social Media or Web 2.0

When you create your polished blog posts or articles, you need to tell people about it. One way to do this is to share it on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest,, Reddit, and Diigo. What this does is increase the link juice that goes from that post to your website, and consequently will increase the ranking of your page. Increasingly, search engines are detecting engagement on social media such as likes and shares.


Naples SEO company Brig Agency is white hat.
Social media use should be central to a white hat SEO strategy.

However, keep in mind that not all social media and bookmarking websites are equal. You want to avoid social bookmarking websites that have no active communities discussing particular topics, as they can be perceived as spam and be discounted or penalized by Google.

Forum Posting

On forums you can provide value to members. Answer questions that people in your niche are asking and then put your link to your blog as a way to help answer their questions. In the past, this method to link-building has been abused, especially with bare profiles with links that provided no value to forums or users of search engines. Avoid posting links in forums with the sole purpose of trying to get a backlink. Add to the value of forums by providing useful content.

Blog Commenting

Find blog posts on the internet that are within your niche and comment on them. Read posts and give an attractive and detailed blog comment containing your link that will bring value to the readers. When not overdone and made a part of your overall SEO strategy, this can be beneficial. You can also interact with commenters, as readers often enjoy reading comments to posts. Sometimes the comments to posts are more engaging or interesting than the posts themselves. 

Guest Posting

Guest posting is similar to blog commenting whereby you find other blogs that are within niche and leave a backlink to your website within a post. You can send an email to the webmaster or the person who runs that blog and ask if you can share an article with them. This can be a win-win as you can potentially provide useful content to the readers to the blog while also winning a relevant backlink that will help improve your website’s rankings.

If they allow you to contribute an article, write an authentic and detailed article and send it to them. Don’t simply copy something off of your site. This article will bring traffic to your site from those interested in the topic or niche.

Use White Hat SEO for Long-term Results

One drawback of using white hat tactics versus black hat tactics is that black hat tactics may get you quicker results, though likely short-lived and unsustainable. Though white hat tactics take longer, you are generally going to maintain your rank as search engines continue to refine or modify their algorithms to catch cheaters. White hat tactics are thus more sustainable and allow marketers to worry less about possibly getting penalized and more about bringing more value to internet users. Because white hat SEO is ethical, it is the only choice for businesses that aim to build a strong brand online as well as reputation management

To apply a white hat SEO strategy with the help of professionals with years of experience in the industry to boost your bottom line, get in touch with Brig Agency.